Why the San Fam Foundation was started

The San Fam Foundation has been created as a succession plan for my family and to leave behind a culture of business values that I believe in. Those who know me and are my friends know that I chose to not marry and life threw me a curve ball with kidney failure and so I may not be returning to work in my old capacity. Simply put I recognize I am now at best a shadow of my former self.

In my new slower life, I get to reflect back at all of my work and I am not happy with the culture inside some of the companies I was proud to grow. Yes we all made a lot of money. But while I was their growing these companies we all took take of each other. Today their is a new generation taking over the culture of companies I use to be proud of but the new culture is one of Me-ism and how to make money at anyone else’s expense regardless of the ramifications. I want to leave a legacy and companies that I will be proud of and that my nieces and nephew would be proud to own and work at. it is all about how we treat people. Yes, dealing with real people.

Financial institutions keep asking me how I was able to maintain such a great loan and investment portfolio. The answer is simple. I personally know everyone of my clients, I also buy from them and promoted them to other clients. Yes, some of my clients fell on bad times, our worse period was after the attack of 9-11 in NYC. When many small businesses were failing, instead of letting them go under. We told them to stop their payments to us for six to 12 months in some cases and we actually invested in some of our clients for the short term to keep them afloat. Today all of the clients are back on their feet and yes they are loyal clients. We never looked at FICO scores, we looked at the person we were working with. With that said The San Fam Foundation is launching two small business funds.

The first fund is the Fashion Fund through Fashion Buyers Network and the other is a small business fund through Global Business Referral Network. Both funds will provide Cash Flow Lending without looking at FICO scores.

Their are many things I want to see changed. We have to bring back a culture of caring instead of the culture of hate, greed and envy that I see around us today. If you want to succeed we need to surround ourselves with other people who are all succeeding. The culture of Me-ism is one of failure. On the flip side the attacks on success is a culture of anti success , we have to stop hating people because they are doing well. Which is why the foundation will work with non profits and religious groups to help people start their own businesses and create an environment of success and growth to help these businesses owners grow and hire more good people. I will blog about my experiences, views and goals on this blog.

I hope you join me and work with the foundation if you believe in what I am going to do.

Louis (AKA Doclou)

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