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I am alive thanks to the nurses at Davita Kidney Care

Many of you wonder why I am no longer active at events. The truth is I became very sick several years ago and while some doctors were blaming it on a weak heart. In reality I had kidney failure.

I reached the point where I collapsed and spent several month’s in the hospital coming closer to death and yes I accepted it. I had a priest visit me and gave me my last rights. I was ready. Then Doctor Jeffrey Koslowski came across my death bed and finally I had a doctor that was not going to simply tell me how many hours I had left to live. The good doctor immediately applied protocols to remove my water retention and placed me on dialysis.

When I left the hospital after so many months of being bed ridden. I was so weak I was unable to even sit for more than five minutes. I was one of those patients that paramedics would carry me from my bed at home to the Davita Kidney Care facility and I did not have the strength to get out of the wheelchair to weigh myself. I wondered if even though alive this was a life worth living. Yes I was scared. Scared of living while on dialysis.

My first nurse was Pam and then Jo. Pam would take the time to sit with me and talk. She explained everything to me, gave me hope and motivated me. Pam is the one person who I credit for re-sparking my hope that maybe I would actually get better. Jo was in charge of the health of my arm to get me to the point where they could remove the catheter. With a catheter I was not allowed to drive. Another reason for wondering if this was a life worth living. Good news the moment I had the catheter removed I had my drivers license renewed. yes my drivers license expired during the almost full year I was in the hospital dying.

Then came Nurse Allan and Jazel. There are nurses and then there are nurses who go the extra mile and pushed me to get better. They are not only nurses but people I consider friends and now part of my family. We joke around, share thoughts about life and the most important thing is that they care.

Pam left Davita. A moment of fear when you loose the people that you have come to depend on for your road to recovery. She was replaced by Nurse Jessica. Guess what. Another great nurse at Davita who not only takes care of you, but goes out of her way to make sure all is well and that you are getting better. another nurse I call friend and a member of the family.

Yes I am not only alive because of a great doctor and the nurses at Davita kidney Care but I am improving and getting better thanks to them. To Pam, Jo, Allan, Jazel and Jessica. Thank you.


Louis Sanchez





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